Saturday, September 6, 2008

... on something lovely!

My day was made,yesterday. First thing in the morning, and I'm at my desk. Leah, who sits next to me, arrives and some minutes later she's just about jumping up and down with excitement as she carefully presents me with a gift. For starters it was funny because she'd wrapped it in a printout of one my rejects for the cover of this book I'm working on. It was a watercolour of some skulls, repeated - I noticed she'd added a bow to the side of one of them! Anyway, inside was this:

A most beautiful red doily, which she had crocheted the previous night. Leah is an excellent crocheter - we share stationery and she had made us a blue crocheted bowl to put our paperclips in. So, when I admired the blue bowl, she made me a red doily.

I'm delighted. Absolutely delighted!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

... on workspaces.

Seeing where someone else works is always a bit delicious, isn't it!?