Wednesday, October 24, 2012

... on brooches. Lots of brooches!

Hello again! I'm back from all the places I went. I've got lots to tell you, but just right at this minute I'm in a bit of a whirlwind of preparation for my very-first-ever handmade market stall. I knew it was going to be a bit of a stretch, arriving home and then having one week to get everything together (including making most of the things... stock levels were very low!) but if I didn't jump in and do it now, then suddenly it'll be next year and I STILL won't have done a market!

So, the market is this Friday evening (26th October), and it's the BrisStyle Brisbane Indie Twilight Market, which is held several times a year in King George Square. I'll have half a table in the co-op section, and most likely I'll be lurking somewhat behind a branch adorned with hanging bird's egg decorations, if I can find an appropriate one in the garden tomorrow.

I've been making a big batch of my plaster bird's egg brooches, so there'll be plenty to choose from on the night.
These wee brooches have now been thoroughly on-the-road tested, and passed. They've stood up to being dropped, being rained on, being caught by the shoulder-strap of my luggage, being spilt on with tomato sauce and being flung against a wall (completely by accident... I cast my jacket down on a hotel bed and it overshot) and perhaps the greatest test - they survived rolling around in the bottom of my handbag for some weeks!

So, do stop by and say hello if you're in town on Friday night. Afterwards, when the dust has settled (the plaster dust! Oh dear, that was bad, wasn't it) I'll do a couple of posts about some exciting adventures I've had over the past few weeks. Cheerio!