Sunday, February 5, 2012

... on nests.

I've been feeling inspired by all things eggs and nests lately. It could be that watching my Pekin bantam hen, Custard, hatch out all five of her eggs has played a part. Also, I seem to be finding nests. There's three sitting on top of my piano at the moment!
I've found two micky's nests. These little grey birds are prolific here in Brisbane and live in vast happy noisy families, with lots of birds (not only the parents) tending the nest. After the chicks have fledged they often tear apart the nest and use the materials to build another somewhere else.
I love the way they line the nest using something soft. I think this is building insulation.
This one has used the swirly tendrils from a passionfruit vine - how delightful!
This lovely green lichen and spiderweb nest came from up in the mountains when we went to visit friends in the new year. C and I went for an early morning walk and it had fallen to the ground... empty, thank goodness. 
So, I've begun nesting too. I've been having such fun with my cast plaster quail eggs, and making a nest to put some in is the natural thing to do, right?
I've so loved making this nest. The main part is made from old copper wire that was hanging down from some disused telephone poles - I remember my brother coming home with the vast heavy roll of it when we were kids. I love how it's starting to oxidise, and I think it'll go completely green in the long term unless it's brushed off. The shiny bright wire is from a spool I bought at a flea market. I don't know what type of metal it is but it's never tarnished, and I've had it for years. The eggs - well, they're made from my favourite Gedeo Resin Plaster. Hello bird's nest!

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Barbara Jean said...

your nest are wonderful.
I make my own nests, and love looking at others to get new inspiration.

thank you