Tuesday, November 19, 2013

... on Finders Keepers... far out!

Oh my goodness. It feels like about three weeks since Friday afternoon, and yet the weekend flew by, too. I'm not sure that's possible, but it feels true to me right now! The studio is a shambles, the car is as-yet not unpacked, my feet are sore but I'm smiling, still!

In case anyone missed it, Kuberstore was a debutante at this past weekend's Brisbane Finders Keepers market. To me, Finders Keepers is a big deal. It's only on twice a year, and it's been something I've aspired to ever since I first visited one. The stalls are always so beautiful, and there's a cornucopia of desirable things on offer. If you have the stamina you can do just about all your christmas shopping in one hit, as you hone your ducking-and-weaving skills amongst the mad crowd.

What a fabulous weekend! I had a wonderful spot beside some beautiful red brick arched doors on the veranda of the Old Museum, and the only problem was my stock of paper bags running dangerously low on Saturday afternoon. If you had told me beforehand that the number of paper bags I had taken wasn't going to be enough then I would have laughed, because that would have meant that they were going off out into the world in the hands of buyers, filled with Kuberstore things. Well, they did! At 3 on Sunday morning I awoke, worrying about this no-more-bags issue, and got up to fashion some up out of brown paper on the sewing machine!

So. Two days of a pace so frenetic that it verged on nuts. At times I simply couldn't get around the side of my stall to tidy or restock the other end, so it got a little unruly down there. (Note to self for future stall design... ability to access it all from behind!) Lots of chats, and some degree of tablecloth wrangling as they did Monroe skirt impressions in the strengthening breeze! I saw a number of dear friends, (some of whom I hadn't seen for too long) and it was so lovely to spy their familiar faces coming towards me along the crowded veranda. The weather held. It was a long weekend. It was over in a flash. I'd do it again!

Many, many thanks to those who visited, your support and words of encouragement are absolutely cherished. Extra thanks to my Ma for minding the stall while I had a quick break, and to C for that fabulous breakfast you made us on Saturday morning, and everything else, you splendid man!

Three cheers for Finders Keepers! HURRAH!

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Shelbyville said...

Hi Em, I was one of those customers who came by on Saturday (and unwittingly reduced your paper bag supply!), and I've been reading your blog these last couple of nights, and I just wanted to stop by and say 'hello' and tell you that I thought your work (and table display and blog and general sense-of-humour) are all really great, and that you and I should meet up again in the real world for coffee or crafting or SOMETHING. And that you need to get on Instagram and you need to claim @kuberstore as your username because heaps of people were sending you messages/good vibes to that username (even though technically kuberstore does not exist on IG yet) and they've been tagging #kuberstore (you'd be chuffed to see all the photos of your stuff!), and Instagram is a pretty good avenue for publicity (or networking, whatever you want to call it...) so you should get on it ;)
And did I mention that we should meet up?...Oh, yeh, I should probably tell you my name is Michelle (aka Shelbyville) and I think we have at least one mutual friend, but I only know her as ELAHOME ;)