Thursday, November 5, 2015

Market prep... the truth

It's come around again, so quickly that I haven't managed a blog post since the last time. This weekend is the Spring/Summer Brisbane Finders Keepers market, and I've been preparing for it like a demon for weeks!

The truth is, though, that there's still way too many things not-crossed-off on the to-do list. There's outstanding orders to fill,  and lists-within-lists which feel a bit insurmountable.
There's stuff everywhere. Cupboards are uncloseable.
There's a cat shedding all over my stall setup, and every time I try to put something on it he either lies on it or knocks it off with utmost nonchalance.
There are concerns. Where are my new business cards that I ordered last week and paid 'Express' for? Will I have enough stock, and if not, what will I do? What can I do about my sad fingers? All the sanding and sawdust and plaster has given them a mummified appearance that is, frankly, starting to get painful and is too yuck to photograph! Is it going to rain? What on EARTH am I going to wear!?


I know it's going to be okay. I will find something to wear, and I will ultra-moisturise my hands. If I run out of stock, well... I will give people one of my new business cards. It'll be exhausting, but it'll be great fun. It always is!
So, do come. The markets are opening at 9am for the first time, and as there's no stalls lining the veranda this time, busy times will feel far less frenetic! I'm planning on making a jolly good start on my Christmas shopping... perhaps you will too?

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