Wednesday, May 7, 2008

... on unexpected lettering.

The office I work in had moved to an industrial area. On the chain-link fence was an old sign, which looked like all the lettering had worn off it. It was just a rusty orange piece of tin that I thought would be great to make into some Beastie Sea Creatures.

I knew I had to have it, so I gave G*** my pliers and got him to snip it off for me one night. He put it down the side of my desk during his night-shift and I transferred it, wrapped in paper, to my car the next day.

When I got home that night I tore off the paper and gleefully ran my hand over the lovely surface, imagining it as a Lobster Beastie, definitely a Crabby Beastie. I turned the sign over to check out the other side - to find this beautiful weathered lettering: the sign had been facing 'out' through the fence, not 'in' as I'd assumed!

How can I possibly take my tin-snips to something so beautiful?

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