Tuesday, June 17, 2008

... on a Rough Patch.

I wish the durability and consistency of a Rough Patch could be accurately predicted. Will the Rough Patch change in texture along the way? Is it solid, will it start out very lumpy and chunky, and gradually decrease in grain? Is it more like gravel, in that it's generally all-over gravelly but sometimes when you're walking through it you'll hit a larger stone that may turn your ankle, and even if you don't do that you're still likely to find little rocks in your shoes afterwards? Is the best solution, when experiencing a Rough Patch, to let the roughness cause a callous, or it is better to get rubbed raw so a scar can form? Will the Rough Patch be smoothed by external forces, or do I have to get at it with the sandpaper myself? Will it erode naturally, or will it erupt again and spew layers of new hard roughness over the surface of the old?

If only I could tell.

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