Sunday, August 17, 2008

... on something new two.

Yesterday I listed these leaves. I photographed them late in the afternoon and my hanging branch thing just looked so lovely in the afternoon light, and there was this little block of sunlight making its way up the wall as the sun went down.

These leaves are something new for me - I was inspired by a deciduous tree outside my house which only loses all of its leaves when it's been a very cold year - right now it's bare, and I'm wearing four layers inside!


feedthedog said...

just when i thought i was over my obsession with your lovely dangling, tin creatures i see these...

oh O .. here i go again ..

exquisite... and what a photo ..
so so beautiful.
will be visiting shop soon.

kuber said...

Thanks ever so much! I was just sitting here thinking about going to bed (I know, it's before 8.30 but that may be one of my 'quirks'!) when I had the pleasure of getting one of those 'Etsy Transaction' emails - someone has bought them! Don't worry though - I have some more half-made!