Sunday, January 11, 2009

... on names.

For no other reason that recently I took these photos, it's time to explain where the name 'kuber' came from. This is Kubrick.

She is my very fine cat friend. I'm a big believer in 'interesting names for cats', and when she was a tiny kitten (well over 13 years ago now) she just looked like a Kubrick. So, she gets derivatives such as Kuber, Kube-ster, Koobs, and alternative names such as 'Miss Kitka' and thus, 'Squeezy Misssssy Kitka, Oh You Are So Squashy And Warm, Yes!'.

Later on I found that Kubrick-the-filmmaker was a big cat-lover, which seemed good.

So, as you do, you sign up for some online retailer in order to buy something (for me, it was a blue felted bowl by juliepersons) and then you find you're selling your own stuff with said online retailer, and you're stuck with whatever random name you entered - but if you're lucky you find that it's just fine that way!

"Oh Miss Kitka, what marvellous whiskers you have!"

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