Saturday, July 25, 2009

...on fame.

Many months ago I filled a custom order for the words 'bright idea' hand-carved in plaster. I was delighted, as I love custom orders, and I especially love sending them off to the other side of the world - in this case to New York. The notion that my fragile little letters can be whisked safely in their nest of bubble wrap to a destination thousands of kilometres away... it just makes me very happy!

Anyway, this customer had told me that she wanted the letters for a photoshoot, for the 'fall' (fall!) CB2 catalogue. I looked at their website... it looked like the US equivalent of a Freedom store. I then forgot all about them.

Then, the other day, I heard a green tree frog 'breeeEEEP!-ing' in the garden. I thought 'you're a tad early my friend, for it is the middle of winter!' and then suddenly the notion of 'fall' and the CB2 catalogue jumped into my head. I rushed online to see if indeed my letters had made the cut, as it were. I clicked though the catalogue, reaching the last pages and, having not spotted my letters anywhere, was disappointed more than I expected to be. "So that's why you didn't leave me any feedback!" I thought.

The next day I was at work, admiring the spacious real estate of my enormous Mac, when it occurred to me to use the big screen to have another look. After all, how much could I have seen on my 14 incher at home? Then, behold!

Okay, angled and almost illegible, but THERE! Hoorah!

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