Monday, November 16, 2009

... on a parcel.

With only one exception in the early days, all of my customers have been women. It's not as though what I make is feminine - I would have thought the opposite, given the rusty old tin and the angularity of Arial Black, which was the font I used to use when carving my plaster letters.

So, when I started to develop a new version of my plaster letters, I thought about all these women who were buying my words. I deliberately chose a lovely full rounded font, which I thought would appeal more to these female customers. Yesterday, I've sold my first new word. To a man!

Off you go to Ireland, little parcel!


Abigail Ryan said...

This was meeeeee!!

I feel like a celebrity ;)

Believe it or not, i've just found this because my gf and I were blogging about how much she loved, not bought by a girl, but bought for one!

Hopefully we'll have some shots of it in situ very soon- muchos decorating going on here!


kuber... said...

Hahaha! Hilarious! I'd love to see your in-situ pics when you're done with them!
Take care,