Saturday, December 19, 2009

... on christmas!

Two weeks ago, the paddock where I usually nab a christmas tree from burnt out, so I had to look closer to home for an alternative.

There was a rather unruly sandpaper plant growing on the corner of the carport which looked promising. I took to it with my secateurs...
... and wrestled the trimmings into a circle, scratching myself to shreds in the process. (I found it's not called sandpaper plant for nothing!) I added my new string of clear lights...
...and then some decorations. Not a tree but... a christmas... circle?
Merry Christmas!


kyliept said...

Gorgeous miss Emily!

Printed Material said...

What a fabulous idea. Just wonderful.

feedthedog said...

that is SO beautiful.
worth the scratches.
and I love your little cloud in previous post.

haven't been here for a while but looks like you're doing alright. all those tin beasties I bought from you ages ago .. do you think any have ended up as presents .. nope, just can't part with them.

and after all this time have just slipped the dog beastie on the outer door of my apartment .. can't tell you the number of people who have commented on him. love the sound he makes every time I open the door.