Thursday, July 1, 2010

... on motivation.

I got a parcel in the mail this week. In it is a blank Moleskine notebook (the brown-cover sort) and some instructions. See, I've joined The Sketchbook Project, where I get to hold on to this Moleskine for a few months and fill it with stuff, which I then send back to America. It meets lots of other sketchbooks filled with stuff and tours the country. It's even themed - mine is 'The view from up here".
I'm not sure why I was attracted to do this - after all, you have to pay to do it, and I could have gone to the shop and bought the same Moleskine to fill and keep if I'd felt the urge. Maybe it's more about being sent a notebook and being expected to fill it - it's a motivating factor. I wouldn't be filling a notebook otherwise - and creatively speaking, it's promising!
How promising is a blank notebook? I can't resist!

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kyliept said...

This is a great way to share - I love it!

I've been drawn to hands-on, interactive blog projects of late too. I really enjoy the social aspect of blogging, and it's also nice to receive stuff in the post!