Friday, February 3, 2012

... on cat things.

I've been feeling rather catless of late. It's been some time since my lovely Kubrick used up the last of her nine lives, and I had resolved not to get another cat until I was living in a house suitable for keeping a cat inside. I've shared a house with an outdoor cat ever since I can remember, and although I did love that grassy smell that their fur takes on from being outside, I certainly didn't like the volume of birds and reptiles and little creatures that were brought into the house as a result. On one memorable occasion Kubrick strutted proudly into the room with a furious tree snake wrapped tightly around her head!

Now that things are moving along promisingly in the inside-cat-friendly department, I'm finding that my thoughts have been turning catwards. Initially-random browsing on Etsy has taken on a decidedly feline theme, and as a result, recently something lovely appeared at my door.

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This lovely grey cat bed was hand felted in Lithuania by VaivaNat, who makes all sorts of beautiful things from felt, including brooches and scarves and incredible animal-eared hats. I wished that she could have included her cat in with the parcel - the cat is called Maia, by the way.

It's simply a beautifully made thing, and I can thoroughly recommend. You might like to visit Vaiva's shop. There are some lovely photos of her in action at her felting studio here.


There was a Featured Seller on Etsy who really caught my eye a few weeks ago. Laura at le animalĂ© makes miniature animal totems, jewellery and moleskine notebooks. You can also send her photographs of your pet and she will sculpt you a custom animal... which I did. I sent her some shots of Kubrick, we exchanged some emails discussing a potential pose, and I've been waiting with bated breath ever since.

Then yesterday, look what appeared on Laura's blog.
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I have to say, as soon as I scrolled down and saw that little wave in the tail, I knew that Laura had done a fabulous job. She has captured the essence of Kubrick perfectly! One of the things that I miss the most about Kuber was the way she would greet me when I came home. As soon as she heard me she would come out from whatever bush she'd been napping under, and walk towards me with her tail held high, the tip waving slightly from side to side with each step. She would delicately pick her way through the long grass and miaow every now and then. So lovely to come home to!

Now, I'll have this beautiful thing to remind me. The parcel hasn't arrived yet but I know I'm going to be delighted!

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EL at home... said...

Awwww! I came close to adopting a kitten that strayed into our garden last week, it was soo cute..

Love the plaster seedpods by the way.., really beautiful Em!