Sunday, April 22, 2012

... on what's going on in the garden?

My thumbs have a greenish tinge! There has been the planting of a punnet of silverbeet. I believe they're Fordhook Giant.
There has been the cutting and drying of two types of sprouting potatoes, Sebago and another one with a red skin and lovely pinkish flesh, the name of which I don't know.
There has been the planting of these potatoes into some spud bags from the Diggers Club. I'll be removing that straw from the top - it's been hot here for the past few days and I wanted to keep the moisture in the bags for a bit.
There has been the purchase and installation of a large Aerobin compost bin. It's the type that has a collection tank at the bottom for the lovely compost liquid that you can use to give your plants a boost.

Thankyou C for making me such a lovely concrete slab to put the compost bin on! Now it won't slide down the hill when it rains and a torrent starts up through this spot. 
What else? My kale seeds have come up! I'm quite happy about that as they only took a couple of days. I haven't grown kale before but I love it panfried with gnocchi and smoky bacon.
No sign of the zucchinis yet though.  
Patience! Not my strongest trait, I must say!

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