Thursday, February 21, 2013

... on Market preparation, and a new sign!

Tomorrow night it's the first BrisStyle market for the year and, weather permitting, I'll be there! I'm sharing a table in the co-op section, and would love for you to drop by and say hello if you're passing through King George Square in Brisbane - I'll be there from about 4.00pm.

I've been busy making myself a new Kuberstore sign, which I hope to be able to suspend from the marquee somehow. I had in mind some kind of speckly-flaggy-banner-cardboard-cutout-letters-type creation, so I cut out a newspaper mockup to see if it might work.
Yes, I think so! I then speckled up a nice big piece of brown card, cut out my logo from white card, and painted in some shading.
I've just finished glueing and varnishing it this morning... here it is!
I've mounted it on a piece of corrugated cardboard, so it's very light and hopefully won't be too tricky to install. We'll see!

This time I've resolved to make things a bit more vertical in the display department, so have recycled my old sign into a brooch-stand. That should clear up enough space for me to be able to sit at the table and carve some plaster, which both gives me something to do, and demonstrates what it is exactly that I do. I have wondered whether people looking at my things realise that I make them from scratch. This will only be my third market, but one thing I have noticed is that people are more likely to approach a stall and have a good look if the owner is either already busy with a customer, or they are sitting there concentrating on making something. Plus, just standing there behind my table watching people looking at my things (or worse, not looking!) makes me feel very awkward and exposed, and is something I have struggled with so far. Perhaps this is the answer!

So, my rainbow watercolour plaster bird's eggs will be making their first appearance - can you believe it's only five weeks until Easter? Something from this cheerful little collection would make a lovely Easter gift for someone who doesn't eat chocolate, and I'll have several wall hangings available, as well as individual hanging eggs.
Weather, please be kind to us - and do drop by if you're in town. I'd love to see you!


debs said...

Those eggs are beautiful. They just seem to glow. How much do you sell them for? And can they be posted? I love the rainbow effect.
Good luck at the markets. It's raining on the Coast here but maybe you'll have better luck in Brisbane!

kuber... said...

Hi Debs, and thanks for visiting! I'm so glad you like my rainbow eggs - once the market is over I'll have them available in my Etsy store. Yes, they can definitely be posted! I'm planning on listing a rainbow set of 7 eggs for AU$28 plus postage.
Fingers crossed for the showers to vamoose!

debs said...

Great. Sign me up for a set. Let me know when they're available. Have a great night!

kuber... said...

Will do, Debs! Thanks!

kuber... said...

Debs - I have these sets of rainbow eggs available in my Etsy store now! Here's a link: