Monday, February 3, 2014

... on packing, or not packing, and somewhere inbetween.

A little while ago I mentioned that we're moving house. At the time it seemed like the most imminent thing but due to one thing or another (more like 'one thing AND another, and then many more other things') it just hasn't happened yet. What with the holiday season and a long delay to a certain process (we're waiting on YOU, concrete-floor man!) it seems that my builder's maxim ("Double the time you think it will take and you'll be halfway there") is ringing true for us moving house, too.

I feel a little bit in limbo. I've been hesitant to get too involved in making anything, and my Etsy store remains closed for the moment. There's a number of piles of weeks-old half-started things on my worktable, and this sits awkwardly with me. Small hurdles seem insurmountable (WHY can't I drill right through one of my plaster eggs without breaking the bit, damnit?!) and the idea of packing up my lovely studio weighs heavily. I feel like I've only just moved in to it, although it's been more than a year. The as-yet-unpainted bathroom door mocks me somehow - I'll need to do that (insurmountable!) before we get our little house on the market. The garden here is running a bit rampant in parts, and is desiccated and bare in others. After all, there's not too much point in getting more vegies going when we'll be leaving them, is there? My gardening head is already thinking forward to the removal of weeds and sunburnt bromeliads at the next house.

So, as someone who doesn't really embrace change all that willingly, the stalling of this one has put me out of kilter with the things that are most good for my soul!

But, on account of the fact that it is suddenly February already, I'm feeling like I need to take control of this wait somehow. My Ma has suggested that I reopen my Etsy store, and pack up most of the studio, leaving out only the things I need to fill any orders that may come through. It seems so simple, but I needed someone else to point it out!

If anyone has any advice about how to manage indecision, running a handmade business through a house (and studio) move, and also about a vague and persistent lack of focus, please do share! I'd be greatly appreciative!


Sarah-Jane said...

Rule number one is be kind to you. Moving is v. stressful so you should not put any additional pressure on yourself. Weigh that up against having a little time for the things that nourish you. Try doing One Moving Chore each day and, one thing you love. P.s. Wine helps but usually at the end of the day!

kuber... said...

That's true - I had somehow forgotten that moving is stressful! No wonder I'm all wacko. I've already implemented a wine procedure - it certainly helps!

Gail Engel said...

Those old suitcases could tell you a thing or two. They moved me and my mate Helen many-a-time in London circa 1960's. We had a mantra - Just pick it up and put it in! Hope this helps xxxx

kuber... said...

Thanks Ma - I will try that technique with these suitcases today! JUST PICK IT UP AND PUT IT IN!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I share your pain -- I've moved a lot and my biggest challenge seems to be the unpacking part in the new place. I moved in December and there are still things in boxes (Some from the previous move). The sad thing is much of it is art stuff. It definitely crimps creativity I find. I need to get things to where my part of the house looks tidy and welcoming, and be ready for the nice weather when I'll finally be able to do some dyeing and surface design since I have a tile floor and a kitchen that opens directly to the outside.