Monday, January 16, 2012

... on tin!

I received a big boost to the Beastie Tin Reserves a few days ago. To date, all of my Beasties have been made from tin that used to be on the top of our old chook-house. It was mostly painted pale green, with some red stripes on the edges - it had already been used a few times before it was built into the chookshed - who knows where? Anyway, this tin was lovely - only - I ran out. From the two full sheets I used to have, I now only have a few small Beastie-sized rectangles, which I'm hesitant to use as I know there's no more!

So, it was rather timely to hear news that C's mum had a friend, Lil, who knew I made stuff from tin, and had a few pieces in her garden she thought I might be able to use. Yes. OH yes!

When we picked them up from Lil, C just shook his head and laughed at how delighted I was over a stack of rusty painted tin. PERFECT. BEASTIE. TIN!

Red AND green paint! Rust! Oxidation! Flakiness! I tell you, it made my day, and I can feel a Beastie plague coming on!

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