Friday, March 23, 2012

... on Fraser Island loveliness.

Here's some of my favourite things about our recent trip to Fraser Island and Cooloola. Holidays are nice, aren't they?
These big old scribbly gums really caught my eye.
I wanted to come home and fill a garden with scribbly gums and banksias like these.
We drove home via Rainbow Beach, where the colours of the sand cliffs were incredible. They were making their own little coloured dribbly castles in the rain!
At a freshwater creek flowing out into the ocean, the dark sand had settled out in the current.
Crabs impress me a lot.
Especially soldier crabs. Who can't be impressed by a soldier crab?
There was lots of rain. Didn't matter!
Other unphotographable joys were to be had in the form of swimming in the rain at beautiful Lake McKenzie, which has clear fresh water and an aqua 'beach'; the number of fish in the Champagne rockpools, even though they were almost full of sand; having an experimental dig for pipis (eugaries - a type of shellfish) on a car-free beach and finding a collection of jacaranda-purple and apricot tinged beauties; and driving about on the inland tracks and not seeing another soul.

Go there. Not in holiday-time if you can help it. It's a lovely place. But don't forget to take a few extra plastic bags!

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Maddy said...

Em, I love Fraser Coast and your photographs have captured the island's beauty so nicely. Luke and i went there for 1 week for our honeymoon (staying at Kingfisher Resort) but have also camped and 4wd all over the lovely tracks. I totally agree how sad it is that such a beautiful natural wonder can be spoilt by rubbish and promise to take extra garbage bags next time to join u on the clean up. happy house warming. Maddy x x x x