Thursday, March 1, 2012

... on an overdue thankyou.

This morning I got out the tinsnips and made my first Beastie from that lovely batch of new corrugated iron that C's Ma's friend Lil gave me.
As I chopped into it, I immediately realised that although it's a thicker grade of iron than my previous sheet, it's also a lot 'softer' to work with, somehow?
I drew out the Beastie on the reverse - painted partially white, which is quite a nice texture in itself.
You can see how the tin warps like billy-oh as I cut it. 
A rough-cut Beastie.
Lots of rough edges to sort out.
What a completely delicious patina! I just love that first it was red - then someone wanted it green.
Filing down the burrs and rough bits is the longest part of the process.
Thanks so much Lil!

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