Thursday, May 24, 2012

... on a garden update.

For a while there it seemed like nothing was happening... and now look!
The zucchinis are well on their way to proving right their claim that "one plant can feed an entire postcode." The silverbeet is doing MUCH better than it looks because... well, we keep eating it. Too-thickly-planted garlic could become an issue but I didn't expect them all to survive, and the shelling peas along the back have put out their first tendrils reaching upwards for their wire support.
I have three pots of blueberries, one of which has already developed some convincing-looking fruit. How sweet are these blueberry flowers? That ant thinks so too.
The spuds... oh boy. That first lot I put in are already bursting out of the top of their bags! I've learned something along the way about growing potatoes in bags... to be careful about adding more soil/compost as the plants grow. I covered over some of the smaller shoots (thinking they'd push their way through) and they just rotted. Luckily I was harbouring a suspicion that I'd put too many spuds in each bag, so it could be for the best! I think the casualties were the red ones, so I've planted more, and they've just come up. Sweet reddish shoots!
 ... and the marigolds are for the bugs! Oh happy garden!

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