Tuesday, May 22, 2012

... on a SpeckleFest.

There's been quite a lot of paint flying around here in the past few days. My new plan to build up enough stock to fill a market stall is taking shape, and I've just finished the latest batch of speckled bird's eggs. On some of them the grey paint tones are taking on a blue-ish look which was completely unintentional but hey! Happy accident!
The back wall of what I am calling The SpeckleBooth (a cardboard box to contain the overspray) is building up into a lovely piece of spotty goodness all by itself!
For the record I'm using Jo Sonja's 'Matte Fluid Acrylic' paints. I'm using colours straight out of the tube so I can recreate if necessary. For the last batch of these eggs I mixed up colours and so getting them to match when I ran out was a nightmare! 
"Plan for the future, Em!" Not my best characteristic, but I'm learning!

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