Sunday, August 19, 2012

... on an exciting thing, underway.

A while back I mentioned a possible solution to the how can I not take over the whole house when I am making something problem, and I'll admit, it has become a problem. Before we moved in, I had envisioned that it would be fine for me to spread out on the kitchen bench or the dining table, and it's turned out not to work so well. The whole house gets covered in a fine layer of plaster dust, and I've been having to pack everything away because someone is coming to dinner quite regularly. More often than not I wouldn't get it all out again the following day, or even the following week.

So, the solution. This house is small, and C had planned from the start that perhaps he'd build an extension to add another bedroom and bathroom. Substitute the word bedroom with studio and watch my enthusiasm levels!

So, what's this? A little building with a skillion roof containing one bathroom, and one large room. Entry is via a full glass door that opens out onto the existing deck. There'll be a tall louvred window in each end, one inside the bathroom. The main east-facing window will be very large, and set low, at bench height. The subway-tiled bathroom will contain a full-sized bath, and a lab sink instead of a basin, for washing brushes out in. A tank set out the back will more than double our water-holding capacity, and it'll block the view of both the high-tension power lines and the very ordinary houses that you can currently see from our living room.

Two weeks ago, the excavator arrived, and things started happening fast. Now, C assures me, the roof should be on by the end of this coming week.
Photobombed by three Pekin tails.
I really don't believe my own eyes, nor the notion that I'm going to be able to fill it with plaster dust. Pinch me!


Isis said...

wooooooweeeee! lucky you!

Bungalowgirl said...

You were quite right about the Indian Hawthorne Emily and thanks so much for leaving a comment. How exciting for you to be getting a studio and I love the eggs you are working on. Will look forward to following what you are up to- it's always nice to find another Brizzie blogger too. melx

Bungalowgirl said...

Emily, we got our hive from "city Chicks" about 2 years ago. You are supposed to get honey in about 9 months. Our bees decided that the honey pot was an unnecessary extension that they did not require and they sealed it off from the hive! We discovered this 9 months later looking for honey- we are hoping to look again shortly and find that the bees have come up with the goods. They are thriving but are like supermodels- they don't leave the hive if it is under 18 degrees so we have only started seeing them recently. melx