Thursday, August 30, 2012

... on lurking, and noisiness.

I've been lurking about in the front garden, as it's been a bit noisy out the back.
The everlasting daisies that I planted last year have finally decided to do something spectacular. 
Inspired by this post over at Bungalow Bliss, I looked carefully for bees. I was delighted to find a little pack of native bees rummaging in the poppies. I've been thinking about getting a hive of native bees, but if they're here somewhere already that might not be such a good idea. I don't want to start a bee war!
Just about everything I planted in the herb garden next to the driveway is bolting to seed! It's looking very lush, and I'm loving the look of the emerging seed heads. The dill makes an incredible cut flower, don't you think?
And the noisiness? Well, you know how C told me the roof would be on by the end of the week? It was!
A few days ago a chap I've never seen before walked by with his dog when I was checking the letterbox. He said "I hope your new shed isn't going to shade your lovely garden out the back!" I assured him it wouldn't, and I really liked that he called it a shed!


Isis said...

i love dill as a cut flower :) and chive flowers too. your 'shed' looks great!

kuber... said...

Thanks Isis! I've noticed something about having dill flowers inside the house though... after a few days the aroma gets a bit overpowering, and all I want to eat is fish!