Wednesday, September 12, 2012

... on 'Well. This is sudden!"

I'm glad I could lay my hand on this little item, this morning. It's something I always take with me travelling. A St. Christopher medal (because of a Tom Waits song more than anything else), a silver bell given to me by a dear family friend the first time I ever ventured overseas by myself (which sounds reassuringly like the bell my cat Kubrick used to wear on her collar, and has been responsible for many early-morning grimacing in quiet shared-dorm youth hostels), and a junk metal milagros depicting a heart. Plus some safety pins for when my pants split, of course. (It's happened!)

I'm glad I found this little item, as it means my packing is complete. I'm leaving for a completely unexpected (and therefore somehow unbelieveable!) trip to France with my Ma and brother. I'll be away for five weeks. I've put my Etsy store 'on vacation' (although if you live in Brisbane you can find some of my plaster ampersands and bird's egg things in the In.cube8r store in The Valley) and when I return it'll be all go with an Etsy store name change, and, all going well, feverish preparation for my first participation in the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market in King George Square on the evening of Friday 26th October. Hope to see you there!

Hang on, St Christopher!

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