Tuesday, September 4, 2012

... on Thing #4: Ruan Hoffmann

Last year, C and I were in New York for a week, and we stumbled across this installation of 'Much Love Me' by Ruan Hoffmann. It was in the gallery in the Anthropologie store at the Rockefeller Plaza, and I was much taken with it.
I gazed at the intricately-painted plates, admired the skillful installation of so many fragile objects, took some photos, and I went on my way, feeling enriched. Sometimes an artwork just speaks to your soul. This one spoke to mine.

Recently I was having a look at the Anthropologie website, as you do when you catch yourself wishing there was a store here in Australia. Wistful browsing through the homewares. Then... a sudden intake of breath. Click. The Ruan Hoffmann plates. For sale. Some of them, at least... there weren't many left. Click! Click! One of them was destined to come to live with me, it seemed!
It arrived, voluminously packaged, and safe. It came via C's friend Dylan in Seattle, as Anthropologie would only ship to the mainland US. It's made a very long journey, this plate, from its origin in South Africa, and I can't believe it's still in one piece!
Welcome, Ruan Hoffmann plate. I'm so glad you've come to live with me. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to hook a plate hanger on you and look at you every day.

I never thought I'd be the sort of person who would ever buy a plate hanger.


Beck said...

Buying a plate hanger = you are getting old, just ask my Mum.

Nice plate though :-)

kuber... said...

Thanks Beck!
To my credit I did buy only ONE plate hanger. I did think "perhaps I should buy another, just in case..." but then the connotations of that caught up with me and I resisted!

Anonymous said...

Once I get my train plates out it'll look fine on the wall.

kuber... said...

Train plates, hey?! I think the wall is full up!