Wednesday, June 12, 2013

... on Three Things.

Apologies for the radio silence, folks. I blame the cat. In honour of this silence I have found Three Things around my home which have happened in silence. Things that have also happened while I have not been watching. Here is the first Thing.
I found this Thing on top of my studio cupboard, and I am completely charmed by it. A wood borer, living in this stick, has made a little mountain of sawdust. Isn't it delightful?

Here is the next Thing. I am less charmed by this, and C is disgusted.
I have discovered that, given the opportunity, a kitten will chew on your very nice Grohe bathroom tap (and he will most likely chew on your flowers, too). He will leave un-removeable sharp-kitten-teeth marks, and then he will move on to the laundry tap. Silently.

Here is the third Thing.

I have, at last! been able to successfully grow a choko vine, and I have been checking it often for signs of fruiting. Not often enough, however.
The first, and (so far) only and therefore most precious choko grew between two palings of the fence. I can't get it out. This whole situation perplexes me.

I'll be paying more attention from now on!


beck said...

Seriously babe, what on earth are you doing with your choko's?

kuber... said...

You mean, how did I grow it? It was just a supermarket choko that had sprouted. The choko itself was mostly rotten so I carefully trimmed off the living shoot and planted that in a pot of regular potting mix. After a while roots started coming out of the bottom, so it went out into the garden. The soil did, admittedly, have lots of extra stuff dug in - I think I used manure, Searles 5-in-1 plant food and maybe some compost too. It's mulched pretty heavily and I have applied some more organic fruit fertiliser around the base. It's been planted for... maybe 3 months?