Wednesday, June 26, 2013

... on 'to do, or not to do?'

A while ago I had an idea for a speckled egg wall hanging that would be extravagant. It would be glorious, and it would be expensive, and it would be Anthropologie-worthy. It would be so lovely that orders would flow in, and I'd fill them in a haze of plaster dust and an ever-changing bloom of delicious colours. When I left my workroom at the end of the day my hair would be full of rainbow speckles of acrylic paint. Bliss!

My friend Jacinta makes the most fabulous cakes, and when she's designing a cake for a client she will often do a digital mockup - there are some of these (and the resulting cakes) on her lovely Facebook page. Thinking of this as a design process I too could try, I sat down in front of Photoshop to create my first virtual wall hanging. Something that looked like it could exist. Like something I could have made, but haven't. Here's what happened:
Like most ideas, what came out was different to how I initially imagined it, and I've no doubt that if I actually tried to make this wall hanging, it wouldn't turn out the same as this. I have concerns, too, about how I could put this together successfully, given that the number of eggs would make it quite heavy, and they would need an awful lot of little findings, crimps and cable that must each be sound.

I'm currently off the boil about this idea. I find it quite curious that I'm off the boil before attempting an actual prototype, as a result of making a digital one. Problems seem apparent, even though the process of actually making this might prove less difficult than I imagine.

The question is, do I try?


EL at home... said...

Hello Em!!
I've just spend a delightful hour or so catching up on all that's been happening in wonderful Kuber World.. I rarely read a blog these days and as you've probably noted by now, mine was abandoned some time ago (very slack I know). Instead I've embraced that most addictive, voyeristic, time waster Instagram..
Would love a proper catch up (as would Maddy), as it's been forever and I still haven't met C!
Let's get together soon for tea & cake.

El x

kuber... said...

Agreed - it has been far far too long! I would love to catch up with you. Let's!