Friday, December 7, 2012

... on an empty room.

I've been awaiting this day for what seems like ages. This day is momentous. This day means that situations like this will soon be a thing of the past. 
That's our dining table somewhere under there. One morning recently I had taken over the entire kitchen bench as well, and poor C stood there with his bowl of cereal in hand, forlornly looking about for somewhere to eat it, and had no joy.

No more, because today is The Day. Moving in day! or, depending on your perspective, moving 'out' day! From C's perspective I will be moving all my dust-creating clutter 'out' of our house. Now, I know it was waaaaay more than two weeks ago that I was predicting I'd be moved in here in two weeks. That was because I forgot to apply my Builder's Maxim. "Double the time you think it'll take and you'll be half way there." I hadn't reckoned on just how long it would take me to mask everything, fill every nail hole, sand them off and give all the architraves and skirting boards enough coats of semi-gloss enamel.
Okay, so I haven't yet painted the bathroom door, and the fan light fitting is yet to materialise, but pfft! Mere trifles!
Because I'm the sort of girl who needs Places To Put Things, C has indulged me and put a lovely old floorboard in the bottom sill of the big window. A Place To Put Things!
How wonderful is an empty cupboard to someone with a lot of stuff to organise? This one came out of my grandmother's garage, and I'd started to sand it back with a view to painting it some nice grey colour. Only, after I'd removed the pegboard from those top two cupboard doors to reveal the dusky pink interior, the Mission Brownness had grown on me to the point where I just stopped. Perhaps one day I'll continue with it but I'm liking it just like this for now.

I can't hold back any longer... I just have to put things in those drawers! Bye!


Beck said...

A day of organising - HEAVEN!

Isis said...

how exciting! love the sill place to put things!

Hot Fudge said...

It's all looking wonderful Emily. There's nothing like having a space of your own, is there? Can't wait to see your new work created here.cuxkma 21