Monday, December 31, 2012

... on this year, next year.

It's new year's eve. That means today is probably the day I should take down our christmas tree and pack away all signs of noel. I always feel a little sad about doing this, as I just love the fairy lights and sparkles, the glitter falling off ageing decorations, the big old stick-o-bling standing over there in the corner. Putting them all away is going to make the house feel a little empty for a bit, and me, too.
This year I made a few tiny pompoms out of embroidery thread to add to the cacophony.
So carried-away was I by pompomming, they made an appearance on gifts. This year I used these lovely die-cut gift-tags from Polli, which come with a length of string so you can assemble them into a garland if you wish. 
I made bonbons - I started making them years ago when I was disappointed by all those plastic trinkets you generally get in bonbons. Even though they may rattle promisingly, the contents are usually a let-down, right? In these you get a scratchie, a Lindt ball, a party popper, a home-made hat and this year, instead of a joke, an 'interesting christmas fact'. For example, did you know that the first commercial christmas card was produced in the 1800s, and if you had one in decent condition these days it would be worth many thousands of dollars? Interesting!
This year, as I no longer have convenient access to a paddock containing a tree dripping with the real stuff, I made us a bunch of paper mistletoe. I had an old atlas that has maps in the most lovely blues and greens, so I tore out a page (which did indeed feel wrong!), cut and scored the leaf shapes (to give them twists and bends) and attached them individually to twigs using floral tape.
Time to put it all away! The boxes are ready, tissue paper awaits. Goodbye little pompoms. Goodbye twinkly lights, glitter, mirrors, sequins and stars. Goodbye little bunch of paper mistletoe. See you all again next year.

I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday, and a most happy new year to you!

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